convey the meaning of

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The main purpose of verification is to ensure that translated terms convey the meaning of terms used in the source language, terminology corresponds to the reality of health and social care and that the translation is consistent with the principles of correct spelling and the use of the Polish language.
Her emotive voice and acting skills convey the meaning of each song beautifully.
While MOBILITY CU hopes its new name will convey the meaning of unfettered and convenient access to financial services, Jeff Stephens, president of Creative Brand Communications in Portland, Ore.
But make sure the translator knows technical terms used in your business sector and can properly convey the meaning of figures of speech.
But it certainly doesn't convey the meaning of the Rubin piece at all.
The Dynamic ImmersionA method uses thousands of real-life colour images to convey the meaning of spoken and written phrases in the program.
The translation does not convey the meaning of the original very accurately.
Our Dynamic Immersion(TM) method uses thousands of real-life color images to convey the meaning of each spoken and written phrase in the program," says Steve Hertzenberg, vice president of sales and marketing.
Despite the flawed logic in defense of eupraxsophy--an ill-advised attempt to more adequately convey the meaning of Humanism by replacing it with a word that needs even more explaining--I found the small volume, recently distributed free nationwide, to be an interesting and breezy read that lives up to its claim of being a positive recitation of a multifaceted Humanism.
Phrases such as "going the extra mile," "putting yourself out on a limb," and "will fight for that child" convey the meaning of going over and above status quo responses to student needs.
Since this is a television production, pictures and video footage are used to help convey the meaning of the words by the use of images.
Here is a musician who can truly convey the meaning of the text in the music, sung German somehow being curiously unobtrusive.