convey to

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It is impossible to conceive of half the things this charming Frenchman wished to convey to the moon.
A phrase, a word, conveys instantly to his mind what hours of words and phrases could not convey to the mind of the non-traveller.
Next to things of necessity, the rule for a gift, which one of my friends prescribed, is that we might convey to some person that which properly belonged to his character, and was easily associated with him in thought.
But I still like to write those cards, it's a way to convey to your loved ones how special they are to you," said Salma Ali, a fashion designer.
Different versions convey to one or two machines, to a hopper that comes with the package, or to both a machine and the CDAP hopper.
All we can do is try to convey to the American public the human consequences of our government's repeated use of violence for political and economic gain.
Revenue Canada should convey to the Department of Finance and other interested departments the Committee's view that government departments should consult with regard to the implications and ramifications to Canada of any change in the existing balance between source and residence taxation.
Revenue Canada should convey to the Department of Finance the Committee's view that Finance should monitor income-sourcing rules for foreign tax credit purposes to ensure that they continue to provide appropriate relief as electronic commerce grows.