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In rare circumstances, it can cost so much to bring some homes, particularly lower-priced properties, into conveyable condition that the servicer will take the loan into its own real estate-owned portfolio and will not even bother to submit an FHA claim.
Upon the launch of the conveyable ReadyGrow planter, the retailers are able to offer a truly sustainable package that will not tear apart when watered or lifted from greenhouse trays and consumers gain a product that is both environmentally friendly and easy to plant.
Advanced automation & technology for a highly efficient Central Asia Hub The increased throughput of the automated CAH is made possible because of an advanced Autosort system which can handle 35,000 conveyable shipments and 40,000 flyers per hour.
Therefore, gold, silver, bronze, and things of that sort are easily conveyable and useful and they determined that they would be equitable to exchange for things.
The Crumbler lump breaker further reduces the lumps to a conveyable particle size with its aggressive tooth style agitators rotating through stationary breaker bars.
lt;/p> <pre> I believe it has not been usual to regard John's New Jerusalem as a solidity, an actuality, but rather as a metaphorical suggestion of heavenly glory & grandeur & happiness not conveyable to the human understanding by abstract terms.
He also said the group used a ranking system that favored bases spending a lot of money, and warned that by moving workers, the Pentagon is in danger of treating top military scientists and engineers ``as interchangeable, conveyable, replicable items much like military housing, piers and hangar space.
White concludes: "We have not on the whole exploited the possibilities of using images as a principal medium of discursive representation, using verbal commentary only diacritically, that is to say, to direct attention to, specify, and emphasize a meaning conveyable by visual means alone.
Conveyable merchandise is picked and placed on conveyor belts that move it through high-speed sortation systems that can sort between 6,000 and 7,000 cartons per hour, directing them to the appropriate door to be loaded on a trailer destined for the appropriate store.
Thus, children have only TU = here&now and TT/TSit at their disposal; this severely constrains the range of temporal information conveyable by grammatical means.
The third, and possibly most possibly explanation, is the phenomenon described by Sadalla and Sheets (29) whereby materials are seen as embodying unique character or "personality" and that these qualities are in some way conveyable to the people who use those materials.
They had to be long and solid, but at the same time sufficiently light and slender to be easily conveyable during seasonal moVes.