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ReadyGrow biodegradable planters, which are manufactured from Sonoco's 100% recycled paperboard, are conveyable and sustainable in a commercial greenhouse environment and biodegrade in soil within 180 days of planting.
This representation is easily conveyable to an average trigonometry student and it is suggested to be adopted to model the sinusoidal path.
With the expansion, the automated facility has a throughput of 75,000 pieces per hour (pph) of flyers and conveyable shipments, an increase of 114 per cent compared to the 35,000 pph throughput capacity before the expansion.
Efficient with all conveyable products, whatever their rigidity and thickness, ProSelex [R] can be integrated into gantry or robot packers as well as multifunction case packers.
From complementarity comes a more flexible approach to the translatable, since natural language manifests itself as a universal means of communication: "All cognitive experience and its classification is conveyable in any existing language" (Jakobson 1959:263).
Many problems are caused by irregular baggage items, such as rolling bags, which operators may visually classify as 'conveyable'.
But a careful reader will see that this is an "unbearable lightness," beyond which lie hidden scars and pains, not always discernable or even conveyable in words.
Moreover, the Holocaust had already become the most notorious symbol of genocidal evil so that "comparison and conflation with it" served as "an effective short-hand message conveyable to wider audiences" (134).
Therefore, gold, silver, bronze, and things of that sort are easily conveyable and useful and they determined that they would be equitable to exchange for things.
The Crumbler lump breaker further reduces the lumps to a conveyable particle size with its aggressive tooth style agitators rotating through stationary breaker bars.
27 And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life.</p> <pre> I believe it has not been usual to regard John's New Jerusalem as a solidity, an actuality, but rather as a metaphorical suggestion of heavenly glory & grandeur & happiness not conveyable to the human understanding by abstract terms.