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The transfer of ownership or interest in real property from one person to another by a document, such as a deed, lease, or mortgage.


n. a generic term for any written document which transfers (conveys) real estate property or real property interests from one party to another. A conveyance must be acknowledged before a notary (or if a court judgment be certified as the same as the document on file) and recorded with the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds. (See: deed)


noun alienation, alienation of property, assignation, assignment, bestowal, bestowment, consignation, delivery, demise, devise, devolution, disposal, sale, shift, testamentary disposition, tranmission, transfer, transfer of property, transfer of title, transference, transmission, transmittal
Associated concepts: absolute conveyance, conveyance by deed, encumbrance, fraudulent conveyance, involuntary conveyance, presumptive conveyance
Foreign phrases: Transit terra cum onere.Land passes subbect to any encumbrances affecting it. Nihil tam conveeiens est naturali aequitati quam voluntatem domini rem suam in alium transferre ratam habere. Nothing is more conformable to natural equity than to confirm the intention of an owner who desires to transfer his property.
See also: alienation, assignment, cargo, carriage, cession, consignment, deed, delivery, devolution, disposition, removal, transmittal

CONVEYANCE, contracts. The transfer of the title to land by one or more persons to another or others. By the term persons is here understood not only natural persons but corporations. The instrument which conveys the property is also called a conveyance. For the several kinds of conveyances see Deed. Vide, generally, Roberts on Fraud. Conv. passim; 16 Vin. Ab. 138; Com. Dig. Chancery, 2 T 1; 3 M 2; 4 S 2; Id. Discontinuance, C 3, 4, 5; Id. Guaranty, D; Id. Pleader, C 37; Id. Poiar, C 5; Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t. The whole of a conveyance, when it consists of different parts or instruments, must be taken together, and the several parts of it relate back to the principal part; 4 Burr. Rep. 1962; as a fine; 2 Burr. R. 704; or a recovery; 2 Burr. Rep. 135. 2. When there is no express agreement to the contrary, the expense of the conveyance falls upon the purchaser; 2 Ves. Jr. 155, note; who must prepare and tender the conveyance but see contra, 2 Rand. 20. The expense of the execution of the conveyance is, on the contrary, always borne by the vendor. Sugd. Vend. 296; contra, 2 Rand. 20; 2 McLean, 495. Vide 5 Mass. R. 472; 3 Mass. 487; Eunom. Dial. 2, 12; Voluntary Conveyance.

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