conveyed orally

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These reports have been conveyed orally, with the exception of the written report produced in June 2018, following a 14 May 2018 letter requesting written reports on this issue from ten Council members, including Bolivia, China, Cote d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, France, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Peru, and Sweden.
The conference collapsed because Turkey would not put in writing her consent to the abolition of guarantees and the unilateral right of intervention, conveyed orally to the UN secretary-general, as Anastasiades was demanding.
When you taste a Moldovan wine, maybe you understand more about this people than the messages which can be conveyed orally, Pavel Filip said.
In "History and Linguistic Media" the various languages of this correspondence are described, while the cases in which messages were conveyed orally are treated in "Oral Versus Written Correspondence." This section explains why someone might prefer to convey his message orally.
Firstly, Allahs word in the form of the Quran represents unique evidence of the divine revelation, which was actually conveyed orally to Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), but was then recorded in writing by his companions and circulated.
Even in Nova Scotia--the seat, in 1758, of the country's first parliamentary assembly, of good universities and a superior historical tradition--much of the memory of the region is anecdotal, the stories of the place conveyed orally.