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Typical conveying rates in dilute phase may go up to 25,000 lb/hr, with typical conveying distances of less than 300 ft and line sizes of up to 6-in.
Conair says that response to this innovation has been very positive, especially since conveying throughput and distances are comparable to high-speed systems.
Many, however, said that the ease of conveying wishes through quicker modes had put then off sending greeting cards.
Approximately six months later, TOUSA and the conveying subsidiaries filed Chapter 11 petitions in Florida.
Wavin ordered a system comprising gravimetric blending and vacuum conveying using the Colortronic Cruise Control system which relates energy consumption to actual demand, saving power compared with traditional conveying systems, and reducing noise, dust and wear in the conveying lines.
Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying is the modern technique for conveying large volumes of dry bulk solids over short distances.
Conveying lines leading away from the trommel and, eventually, to a sand-flotation system, also run past a Steinert eddy current that further purifies the nonferrous stream, removing plastics, rubber and other organics.
Equipment will consist of an online-EcoSoft calender, two VariFlex winders, and a Twister roll wrapping and conveying system The machine will produce newsprint with a base weight from 36 to 62 g/[m.
Conveying Industries has been appointed the North American "System Integrator" for the line of Fuji Ace Robotic Palletizers from Fuji Yusoki of Japan.