conveying title

See: feoffment
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Mathurin was in danger of being foreclosed on and was approached by Lost & Found Recovery, which said it could help Mathurin refinance--but actually tricked her into conveying title to a straw buyer, who then obtained a mortgage from the lender.
What's taking so long is the process of conveying title to those lands to the corporations.
The rule that there is no duty to search backward does not authorize the title searcher to cease looking for instruments recorded prior to recordation of the deed conveying title to the owner who may have made a conveyance impairing the title.
1888) (purchase money mortgage executed two days before delivery of deed conveying title to mortgagor); Heffron v.
It's also important to know the nature and extent of the interest being acquired, and whether the entity conveying title has the legal authority to do so.
Where the homestead is held in the name or names of a trustee or trustees of a revocable inter vivos trust or of revocable inter vivos trusts made by the settlors of such trust or trusts who are husband and wife, and the husband and wife are the primary beneficiaries of one or both of the trusts so created, and the deed or deeds conveying title to the homestead to the trustee or trustees of the trust or trusts specifically state that the interests of the husband and wife to the homestead property are to be held as tenants by the entirety, the estate created shall be deemed to be a tenancy by the entirety.
A sworn written statement from the general contractor or person (other than the owner) at whose insistence the labor, services or materials were furnished, or the owner when conveying title in a bonafide sale or loan transaction, that the agreed-upon price or reasonable value has been paid or waived in writing by the lien claimant will dissolve the lien, if such a statement was obtained or given as part of a transaction:
This power has the practical effect of allowing the buyer to use the legal system to "blackmail" the seller into either conveying title to the property at a price agreeable to the buyer, or forcing the seller to pay off the buyer to drop buyer's claim and allow the seller to convey the property to a third party.