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To adjudge an accused person guilty of a crime at the conclusion of a criminal prosecution, or after the entry of a plea of guilty or a plea of nolo contendere. An individual who has been found guilty of a crime and, as a result, is serving a sentence as punishment for the act; a prisoner.

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1) v. to find guilty of a crime after a trial. 2) n. a person who has been convicted of a felony and sent to prison.

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to pronounce (someone) guilty of an offence or the person found guilty of an offence especially one who is sentenced to imprisonment. A person who has been convicted has a conviction. Subject to various rules this previous conviction may appear as part of a person's criminal record which is usually brought to the attention of a sentencing court at the time of sentence. Subject to various other rules and depending on the legal system it may or may not be brought to the attention of a court in a later case during the trial. Such rules are required because the existence of a conviction may result in prejudice - especially if it is for a similar matter.
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CONVICT. One who has been condemned by a competent court. This term is wore commonly applied to one who has been convicted of a crime or misdemeanor. There are various local acts which punish the importation of convicts.

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The lawyer claimed that the convict was not a member of any militant outfit and that there was nothing on record to prove his involvement in anti-state activities.
In a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the convicted terrorists were involved in heinous offences related to terrorism, attacking Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies of Pakistan, destruction of educational institution, telephone exchange and killing of innocent civilians.
Convict Muhammad Tahir S/O Talimand was a member of proscribed organisation and was involved in killing of innocent civilian and attacking Armed Forces of Pakistan, which resulted in death of Major Hafiz Attique Ahmed, Captain Amir Butt, Havildar Abdul Aziz along with 5 other soldiers.
According to a press release from the military's media wing, the convicted terrorists "were involved in heinous offences related to terrorism, i.e.
The convict admitted his offence before the magistrate and the trial court.
Bacha Wazir S/O Bakhat Nazir: The convict was a member of a proscribed organisation.
Said Ali S/O Munawar Khan: The convict was a member of proscribed organization.
On a related note, Liew also said that it only takes 15 seconds to execute a convict, costing the government RM1,975 and RM2,775.
The convict had confessed his offences before the Judicial Magistrate and the trial court.
The juvenile convict has already walked free after serving three years at a juvenile home while another accused -- Mukesh's brother Ram Singh -- committed suicide inside Tihar Jail.
Keywords: convict, historical archaeology, urban archaeology, emancipist, convict industry
It therefore seems strange that in the twentieth century the contribution of labour history to the study of convict Australia was slow and subdued.