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He was convicted for killing one, Wali Mohammad, and his mother in 2005.
Forces across the UK revealed 309 police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) were convicted of offences from 2012 to June this year.
In 2012 a male sergeant was convicted of driving without a licence and while using a mobile phone, a male constable was convicted of careless driving and a male PC was cautioned for a data protection offence.
QUETTA -- Execution of two real brothers convicted in a double murder case was halted in Central Jail Machh after reconciliation between the aggrieved family and convicts on Thursday.
The convict was said to be 14 years of age when he was convicted, mainly based upon his own confession submitted in court after nine days of detention with the police.
Cases dealt with by Coventry Magistrates on September 25 included: Elita Barkouska, 35, of Leopold Road, Hillfields, was convicted in her absence of keeping a vehicle which did not meet insurance requirements.
The Court sentenced them two years imprisonment and (RO 400) fine for each of them and convicted them of storing food products in inappropriate conditions and contrary to requirements of the Food Safety Law and imprisonment for one year and fine each of them (RO 10,000).
The following cases were heard at Cardiff Magistrates' Court: * Helen Adams, 35, of Heritage Drive, Cardiff, was convicted in her absence of exceeding a 30mph speed limit and fined pounds 60 with a pounds 15 victim surcharge and three penalty points.
Devon and Cornwall Police - a PC convicted of burglary as a teenager.
Issued upon the directives of Dubai's Attorney-General, Essam Eisa Al Humaidan, Maysara has come to make easier the life of those convicted by the court and fined," Bin Khatem said yesterday.
He was then convicted twice by Newcastle magistrates in 1993 for shoplifting.
It is unclear whether those who will be released are war convicts, political prisoners, or convicted criminals, according to AN NAHAR.