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Provide the decision makers with any additional information you feel may be necessary to convince them the pricing you have provided looks reasonable and is acceptable.
Although it has some similarities to other computer environments to support argumentation, the Convince Me computer environment is unique in its strong ties to a philosophical and theoretical tradition that better arguments and better thinking involve more coherent explanations.
Having recently returned to practice in Italy from France, he explained the conflict of pursuing sustainable design within the contexts of Italian law and cultural heritage, recalling one instance where to gain planning consent he had to convince the authorities that his simple passive ventilation rooflights were actually mechanical rooftop plant.
The distributor also has a strong incentive to convince its customers to switch to Visa Distribution: Cash flow.
He said: ``Arsene Wenger couldn't convince me that I had a future with Arsenal.
Harari thought it would be an easy task to convince brokers and their sales representatives.
One the one hand, opponents of affirmative action have tried to convince us that, indeed, we have overcome our nation's legacy of racism and discrimination, pointing to African American achievement and the burgeoning black middle class as evidence that race-sensitive remedies are no longer necessary.
A ride programmer first studies screen images to decide what movements would convince viewers, for instance, that they're soaring or falling.
The salesperson does not need to convince the customer; the customer convinces himself or herself.
They had to convince people to use their fly ash, and now it's an integral ingredient in many high-quality concretes - it's become necessary.
ICC CEO Dave Richardson is now in talks with India's Anil Kumble to convince him on the possibilities of improved professionalism in the sport.