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'Women political workers busy in door-to-door campaign usually lack detailed knowledge about party's manifestos and priorities so they fail to convince their target voters', he said.
I wanted to bring home a hustler, just like Debra did, and convince my family we were heading to Boston for a big fat clambake gay wedding.
Like inexperienced defense attorneys whose clients (estimates) may be sitting in jail, your estimates may be doomed by a failure to provide a strong defense to convince the judge (decision makers) to "free" their client.
"We did successfully convince the Legislature not to directly charge insurers for this reimbursement program," he said.
But to elect pro-life people, we had to first convince Christians to vote for life.
I will direct as many people as I can to this article--most Brits are fairly rational creatures and it will surely convince them to vote in Europe's favor.
Our biggest job right now, other than continuing to hone in on the right training tools, is to convince more industry leaders that such an association/clearinghouse is needed and that PIMA is that association.
The difficulties experienced by many adjunct faculty can only be overcome when we convince others that the use and abuse of part-time instructors affects everyone on campus.
Throughout, Collins' analyses of cultural artifacts, though not always easy reading, convince the reader that the Soledades, if not directly influenced by each and every one of the literary and social phenomena she mentions, at the very least is an artifact of the same enigmatic type as many others which were favored by the elite, courtly intellectual culture of seventeenth-century Spain.
The Convince Me computer environment supports critical thinking by allowing users to create and evaluate computer-based representations of arguments.
Can we convince office workers to share printers, use flat screens or wear jumpers in the winter and tee-shirts in the summer?