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Furthermore, until I am convinced that the testimonies from developed countries and world economic analysts that Nigeria has been placed on the track of development by the government of the day are mere jokes, there is no ground to dissociate myself from the millions of patriots who wish my country the best under the hands of the best patriots who have conscience and faith and believe in fate.
Limond's coach George Fleming is also convinced his time has come.
My wife didn't want that name, but then I convinced her.
Focus has decided to take the word of two convicted murderers at face value and is now firmly convinced that the Shepard killing was unrelated to gay bias and that Couric slandered Christians.
And we also successfully convinced them not to place the burden of administering the program on the backs of the insurers.
On 6 April, convinced that a slave rebellion was underway, the New York Supreme Court launched an investigation.
He's just run through an explanation of how he convinced one automaker to drop its plans to use an aluminum hood on a new vehicle.
Asked whether the Pope was convinced that he had denounced the horrors of war and the massacres of innocent people, Father Sale says that, from the reports of ambassadors of the Allied countries, it would seem that he did.
Ball was so convinced by Prolman's vision that she tapped her top scientist, Francis Kwong, to set up a think tank to develop the know-how required to raise organic flowers.
For those convinced we aren't alone in this universe, what will we do if we meet another life form along the way?
One woman, a wedding dressmaker whose sanity is uncertain, is convinced that her former torturer lives in her Brooklyn neighborhood and is watching her.
says that she would need to see more data to be convinced that the clump of stars found by Ibata's team indeed constitutes a galaxy.