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After combining video images with theoretical calculations of bubble behavior, the researchers became convinced that the snap is definitely a pop.
"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." That is precisely why we need the voice of authority and in this case divine authority.
"And they have convinced our politicians and economic elite that the solution to Brazil's problems is hooking up our schools to the Net."
And when Si Newhouse wanted Norman Mailer to sign with Random House, it was Cohn who convinced the famous author to make a deal, even though Cohn and Mailer were from bitterly opposed political camps.
Those who were not convinced by the earlier arguments that the landowners were really bourgeois will not be convinced by Brenner's analysis.
The recent one-two punch of a Federal District Court ruling in June has, quite unfortunately, convinced many thrift and banks to withdraw from the co-op lending field or so limit their activities that many co-ops are now locked out of the mortgage market.
This dangerous fatalism reminds me of the bogus biological determinism that comforted Nazis as they exterminated the "inferior" races--or the complacency with which much of American society views the AIDS crisis, convinced that it is taking its toll only among gays and IV-drug users.
We convinced them that was too much, not only difficult to put together but also to read." As a result, the FASB concentrated on disclosure requirements for off-balance sheet financing (interest rate swaps, etc.), and the subcommittee generally supported the resulting Statement 105.
"Most of our customers are first-time buyers who are convinced that even though we are cheaper, we are just as good as IBM or Compaq," says Ferreira Valerio.
Red-faced and downhearted, paleontologists are growing convinced that they have been snookered by a bit of fossil fakery from China.
A person who is convinced that a particular erroneous course of action is right and does it, must make reparation for any damage caused by such an error.
Keenly aware of the constraints imposed by directors and designers as well as by the playscripts themselves, she is nonetheless convinced that "Shakespeare's comedies, more than any other group of his plays, offer the actress the potential to.