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As Kinnear's unhinged convincer discovers that his peace of mind will cost more than a policy, the Sprechers continue to cleverly spin a yarn that seems familiar--until it isn't.
The Seat Belt Convincer is useful to educate the general public of the benefits of a seat belt even in a low speed collision.
Owen (1972): "The convincer in my decision to quit buying NR was the disgusting appearance of Editor Bill Buckley on TV with his seedy-looking Schickelgruber-Beatnik hairdo and sloppy-collared shirts, along with a retinue of whiney-snively-militant-Sodomite-looking punks."
A seat-belt "convincer" was brought on board that encouraged seat-belt use by demonstrating the force of a 10-mph accident.
They used "Convincer Patterns" and "Convincer Processes" as one source of information for this effort.
The exhibitor-bred champion was JR & SE Dickinson's senior cow Thurlstone BC Beryl, over the Firm of W W Neilsen's Overside Convincer Delight, that stood second to the supreme champion in her class.
A eurosceptic like Straw will be a better convincer of the public that a single currency is right for Britain than someone as unquestionably supportive as Robin Cook.
"Echinacea is the great convincer in the herbal world," he explains.
All right, I thought to myself, now slip her the convincer. The very sun seemed to stand still as I let her have it.
You'll find this is an effective convincer; one you'll use frequently.
McQuat saved his biggest convincer for last, when he contrasted mature mines' cumulative-tax-burdens in Ontario and Nevada of 49.2% and 25.0%, respectively.