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'Hindi ko masyadong ma-appreciate except for the photos shown, but the details di ko masyadong na-appreciate at the time (The details in the report were not convincing, except the photos),' he added.
The defendant still must satisfy the clear and convincing standard, the Federal Circuit held in its 1983 ruling, Connell v.
Dan Oliver rounded off a convincing display by scoring his hat-trick.
The Lands and Burge asserted that prejudicial errors had taken place during the trial; Liberty Mutual claimed the trial court erred in charging the jury that an IFPA violation must meet the standard of clear and convincing evidence.
Though "unvoiced," this audiobook resonates clearly and distinctly through the relatively "old-fashioned" voice of Easton, a well-known and gifted actor, comfortable with the more formal language of the period and able to render the story with convincing emotion, horror, and tormented moral conflict.
It involved showing that the calculations giving steel an 18-lb weight disadvantage were based on worst-case models, creating a detailed proposal based around an optimized design using newer steel grades, and convincing the OEM's purchasing department there would be a substantial cost savings despite the fact that these new steels are more costly on a per-pound basis.*
Berube says she is also proud of the group's success in convincing many northern designers to opt for wood.
In our interviews with New York City Ballet's Merrill Ashley, American Ballet Theatre's Victor Barbee, and Pacific Northwest Ballet's Olivier Wevers--three dancers who excel at portraying evil roles--we learn how they dig inside themselves to come up with a convincing portrayal of wickedness.
"He liked questioning the prisoners, teaching them to play zo and bezik, stapling clothespins to their ears as they lost and removing them as he let them win, convincing them that their false victories would save their lives." she writes of the Dew Breaker.
Convincing those in power to actually make changes is more difficult.
Historians may someday have convincing answers to the question of why U.S.
Her own additions to the topics include a fairly convincing argument for a direct or indirect influence of Longinus' On the Sublime on Gongora's ideas about wonder, although she doesn't overstate her case, suggesting the possibility rather than insisting that Gongora had in fact read that work.