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The emotional manipulations led to the significant main effect in convincingness and the near significant main effect in the quality of the closing argument.
The speaker tells his thoughts, and they undergo scrutiny by listeners, who by their reactions guide him in holding up the truth of his thoughts to some standard of convincingness.
Baskins's methodology may be seen, then, to suit her feminist thesis but lacks convincingness because of its sketchy and arbitrary evidence and her propensity to use a code of her own to decipher a code.
Therefore, representations ought to draw their convincingness primarily from communication, rhetoric, and persuasion, and only secondarily from systemic fits or logical proofs.
Burke argues that we must think of rhetoric "not in terms of some one particular address, but as a general body of identification that owe their convincingness much more to trivial repetition and dull daily reinforcement than to exceptional rhetorical skill" (100).
Critics disagreed on the convincingness of Ellison's representation of CP apparatchiks.
By the centrality and utter convincingness of the husband's oeuvre in her first dwindling century's Weltschmerz?
Surely the thing said and its convincingness are all we have to go on in judging such moments.
As such, Yoder, along with the Court's other parental rights cases, can be seen as an application of the parentalist presumption: parents' educational judgment prevails unless the state demonstrates harm to the child with sufficient convincingness to overcome that presumption.
Although the convincingness of these literary-historical alignments can fluctuate, new and provocative arguments are constantly produced, and one's reading permanently enlarged, by the chapter's magnificent determination to hold sacramental authority and political power within the one framework.
The masterpiece of that curious, so nineteenth-century phase of history must be Ford Madox Brown's great painting `Work', a depiction of navvies laying sewage pipes in Heath Street, Hampstead, which not only dignifies the workmen with a convincingness that might shame later `socialist' art, but does so with a beauty of sharp-coloured, crystal-clear summer light that was achieved with a myriad meticulous tiny strokes--the painting took Brown seven years to complete, and shows, as very few pictures do, how painting could at once be truly Work and truly Beauty.