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CONVOCATION, eccles. law. This word literally signifies called together. The assembly of the representatives of the clergy. As to the powers of convocations, see Shelf. on M. & D. 23., See Court of Convocation.

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Parliamentary Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro attended the convocation as a special guest for the fourth time.
As many as 1,877 students of the 2017 academic session were awarded degrees at the convocation.
More than 10,000 people attended the annual convocation which made it the largest academic gathering of the country.
Convocations and Alumni Associations must play a mediating role in areas of dispute between students and the university management.
The school has hosted several conservative political candidates, including Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, who announced his presidential bid at the school's convocation in March.
L'Observatoire tunisien de l'independance de la magistrature (OTIM) a categoriquement dementi, dans un communique lundi, les informations selon lesquelles une convocation a ete adressee par la justice tunisienne au gouverneur de Dubai, cheikh Mohamed Ibn Rached Almaktoum et qu'un juge tunisien s'est rendu a l'ambassade des Emirats arabes unis a Tunis pour remettre cette convocation, affirmant que ces informations sont denuees de tout fondement outre fait qu'elles nuisent a la reputation de la magistrature et a l'objectivite de la presse.
I as chancellor have stopped wearing headgear at convocations.
He said that convocations are solemn occasion of academic achievements in the life of recipients of degrees and provide them moments of pride and glory.
From its grassroots planning five years ago to the inclusion of the convocation's recommendations in the strategic planning of the archdiocese, participants saw the convocation as a new moment in collaboration between the community and the church hierarchy.
KARACHI -- As many as 1,962 students were awarded degrees at Karachi University's (KU) 28th annual convocation which was held on Saturday at the campus's Valika Cricket Ground.
S'agissant du retard enregistre dans la reception des convocations de la part des souscripteurs au programme de logement promotionnel public (LPP), le ministre a indique que la porte demeure toujours ouverte pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore recu leur convocation.
In his message Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said that convocations were milestones in the academic march of universities and not just the ceremonial occasions to be celebrated by donning colourful robes.