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As if it were a ghost that every so often were freed from its cage and left to wander, the idea reappeared of convoking a plebiscite to make it possible for those living abroad to vote.
A Bush aide told reporters Bush would not raise the issue to criticize the pope, but to praise him for convoking the U.
Convoking a referendum on any initiative requires the signatures of 10% of registered voters, approximately 250,000 people.
By 1956 the Vatican was convoking a meeting of the world's pastoral liturgists in Assisi, Italy.
The first, long and complicated, would be by convoking a constituent assembly to draft a new Constitution.
Correa used the referendum to open the way for convoking the 2007 constituent assembly and later to approve the 2008 Constitution, a document considered progressive with strong guarantees for human rights and the rights of nature.
8, the Comision Agraria published a notice in the official gazette El Peruano convoking the indigenous population individually or organized in communities, associations, or federations, or their representatives, to a free and informed prior consultation on the forestry bill to be held that month under procedures established by the committee and the indigenous organizations.
It is not true that the president is contemplating the possibility of resigning or convoking early elections," said Galan.
The most important outcome was an agreement to initiate conversations aimed at convoking a PJ national convention, which would set new rules for the party primary.
It concerns us that the conversations are not advancing, and we propose convoking the international community and civil society to guarantee this process and not allow the dialogue with the ELN to be suspended.