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The cylindrical worm having the flanks helical surfaces of the type convolute helicoids of the second specie is named convolute worm without other specifications.
The convolute worm is named too N worm, with the variants ND worm and NG worm.
In table 2, the general effect of varying the convolute design parameters will give a designer an understanding of the range of variables to adjust to achieve the balance of performance desired in a convoluted bellows for a wide variety of applications.
Convolute tip thickness should be the only thickness specified on blow molded bellows.
Paperboard is the dominant material in both spiral-wound and single-wrapped convolute systems.
Peterson: The types of foods best suited to single-wrap convolute containers are semi-moist products such as butter, sauces or mayonnaise, and dry products such as baking mixes, soup mixes, stuffing mixes, bread crumbs, sugar, coffee creamer, dried fruit, and dry cereals.