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Photo: This transparent, computer-generated image of the topological form known as the Etruscan Venus allows a viewer to peer into the figure's convoluted interior.
Forbes must know the carefully worded qualifiers it puts in the magazine to try to explain their convoluted and inaccurate valuation process are rarely noted when the list is republished by other media.
They relentlessly skewer the litany of goofy names and complicated mythology running through the story - the most convoluted narrative wheel-spinning since the pages of ``begats'' in the Old Testament.
Nicola then relates the dramatic events of the next ten years of their lives: wars with the Huguenots, the death of King Francis, Mary's decision to go to Scotland to claim her throne there, Mary's second and third marriages, the endless scrambling for power among the Scottish noblemen, alliances with English noblemen, Mary's imprisonment in Scotland and her decision to seek refuge with her cousin Elizabeth, Queen of England--the readers are expected to follow this convoluted history; they are not given a watered-down version, and the authors are to be congratulated for having such faith in their readers.
The stress created by the original bond is released, and the protein "relaxes" by sending quakelike waves along the molecule's convoluted twists and turns.
The audit was complicated by a convoluted trail going back to 1998, involving problems such as monies deposited in subsidiary and alternate companies by previous management, before Mundstein took charge last year to rescue Wamex.
It manages somehow to hit most if not all of the standard cliches of the traditional Hollywood biopic - convoluted flashbacks depicting the troubled childhood (his bickering parents are clearly offered as the inspiration for Gleason's crowning achievement, ``The Honeymooners'') and subsequently equally tormented marriage.
Commercial Defeasance's one-stop-shopping has turned an otherwise convoluted ordeal into a standardized process," said Finlay.
In a nutshell: Despite a dynamic cast and spiffy action sequences, the show can be too convoluted and self-serious for its own good.
Many companies have valuable customer and contact databases that are underutilized for email marketing because the task of extracting and emailing is too tedious and convoluted.
The results, published in the May 2015 issue of American Journal of Emergency Medicine, found that 27 percent of the 1,830 commonly used ER ICD-9 codes had convoluted mappings that could create problems with reporting or reimbursement.
The four versions include smooth core, convoluted core, silicone-jacketed smooth core, and silicone-jacketed convoluted core.