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Iridium system employs a BPSK modulation and forward error correction coding in the form of convolutional encoding with Viterbi decoding (Viterbi 1971).
Triple-stage convolution in visual pathway has inspired convolutional neural networks acting as a course to fine process; though the research has focused mostly on magnitude data [11].
Convolutional coding essentially reduces error probability that leads to a BER vanishing for antennas with a diameter of more than 1.
These convolutional markings should be differentiated from Luckenschadel (lacunar skull), which is due to mesenchymal dysplasia of calvarial ossification.
Their topics include convolutional channel coding, space-time block codes, turbo-coded adaptive modulation versus space-time trellis codes for transmission over dispersive channels, turbo equalization for partial-response systems, a comparison of turbo equalizers, coded modulation theory and performance, multi-level coding theory, and near-capacity irregular BICM-ID design.
Suitability of convolutional neural networks for terrain classification was demonstrated by Sermanet et al.
The Matlab algorithm was developed that perform convolutional network.
She discusses topics such as point-to-point communications systems and the role of error correction, ensembles, convolutional codes and their trellis representation, codes created using serial concatenation, density evolution, low-noise channels, and the error floor performance of iterative codes.
1995) proposed a two-stage system: the first one locates possible nodular patterns (thus performing a sort of attention focusing process) while the second, implemented by a convolutional neural network, discriminates nodules from nonnodules.
Among FEC are convolutional codes which are very attractive because of their powerful error correcting capability.
It turns out that [zeta] has a convolutional inverse [mu] in I(P).
Parallel concatenated codes, as they are also known, can be implemented by using either block codes or convolutional codes.