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Almost the entire pressure load in a diaphragm application is supported by the piston head and only a small amount of the liquid or gas pressure is supported by the narrow convolution of the diaphragm.
Distribution theory; convolution, Fourier transform, and Laplace transform.
Jahangiri, Convolutions for special classes of Harmonic Univalent functions, Mathematics Letters, 16(2003), 905-909.
As a summary, traditional FDTD methods for handling general dispersive media have disadvantages because they approximate the time derivatives by finite differences and the time domain convolutions by finite discrete summations.
Silverman, Convolutions for special classes of harmonic univalent functions, Appl.
via use of sine convolution, which is a method of approximating convolutions [3, [section] 4.
This work for advanced students and researchers explains methods for solving, within the framework of a common approach, traditional problems of approximation theory for large collections of functions, including the well-known Weyl-Nagy and Sobolev classes as particular cases, as well as classes of functions defined by convolutions with arbitrary summable kernels.
It's an interesting parallel, because jazz came in at the same time as the Modern style in architecture, and both have continued, but with convolutions and changes of style, up to the present time.
12 mm thick bellow with 10 convolutions were monitored by three resonant type AE sensors mounted on the flange weld to the bellow ends.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry) Who would have thought that Alain Resnais would be reincarnated in the byzantine convolutions of a Franco-American essay in romantic slapstick?
Even greater narrative convolutions are tucked into each of the four episodes made available for review.
The third differs markedly from the first two volumes in its organization, revealing in no small way the convolutions of modem urban life.