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Both calculation paths convolve the OFDM sequence with the overall filter- and channel-impulse response h(n) while taking the synchronization location syncLoc into account.
Convolve is seeking at least $800 million in damages and seeks a permanent injunction barring Compaq and Seagate from manufacturing or selling disk drives or computers incorporating Seagate's "Sound Barrier Technology" (SBT) feature.
Understanding how such patterns convolve with pathways of water mass movement, air-sea heat gain/loss, greenhouse gas input, and nutrient availability is the next frontier in interpreting diapycnal mixing in the ocean.
We calculated speedup by measuring a number of sequential steps needed to convolve the signal, whereas here we compared execution times.
Instead of applying a simple high-frequency cut-off to an analog signal, we convolve it with an HDAF integral kernel and thus effectively truncate it in the frequency domain.
To zoom-in an image with one-dimensional wavelets, we upsample the image and then convolve it with a low-pass filter (i.
The climate change is a global concern and the relevant bodies must convolve for integrated efforts in order to mollify the effect of noxious climate change phenomenon by impacting on governmental policies.
We use a 3 * 3 spatial Gaussian filterto convolve the input image to remove noise.