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Pregnenolone sulfate (PS) is an endogenous neurosteroid synthesized by glial cells, which acts as a potent convulsant when injected intracerebroventricularly and intraperitoneally.
When 4-amino pyridine was injected to standard convulsant group the onset of action was noted (indicated by jerky movements of whole body and tonic convulsions) and severity of convulsions due the drug (4-amino pyridine).
Pentylenetetrazole, picrotoxin and strychnine are all convulsant agents (Nicoll, 2001; Rang et al.
A] receptor convulsant site is the primary mechanism of seizure induction by RDX and that reduction of GABAergic inhibitory transmission in the amygdala is involved in the generation of RDX-induced seizures.
A decrease in general activity and an elevation of the pentylenetetrazole minimal convulsant dose for rats were observed after Cz essential oil exposure.
After 24 hr exposure, the contaminant water was replaced with clean media and embryos were nurtured until the chemical convulsant trial, as described previously (Tiedeken and Ramsdell 2009).
The present study investigated the anticonvulsant and convulsant profiles of nantenine, an aporphine alkaloid found in several vegetal species.
Dissociation of [35S]t-butylbicyclophosphorothionate binding differentiates convulsant and depressant drugs that modulate GABAergic transmission.
Nikki Coyle, who is now 19, was left so weak by the cocktail of anti- convulsant drugs and steroids prescribed by the disgraced doctor between 1998 and 2000, she could barely summon the energy to lift her head or feed herself.
Anti convulsant drugs can be used to obtain sufficient pain relief.