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His mum Hayley Anthony, 24, called 999 and firefighters arrived at the car in Northallerton, North Yorks, to find five-month-old Owen had begun to convulse.
The Heartaches bleed today and inflict lovingly harm now to all that bask in the glory of the life affirming potential of reckless art--art that is fueled by cheap, dirty gas, which produces a wake of nasty, black smoke and makes your engine convulse.
People in 1793 Philadelphia began to vomit a material like coffee grounds, turn yellow, develop a high fever, convulse, and die in growing numbers.
Animals that did not convulse during the period of observation were considered not having convulsed.
The words on the box say, "Watch Marv convulse as the switch is thrown, then hear him say, `That the best you can do?
The semiconductor and flat panel industries convulse daily and any company that attempts to remain static will quickly disintegrate.