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This has no negative effect on some rifles, but it will cause others to throw the first shot or two fired after the cool down.
Guests can cool down in a stunning natural swimming pool that's filtered through a reed bed and surrounded by large granite boulders, the fragrance of water mints, lavenders and wild flowers.
Employees who finished their shift at the plant, which staffs around 1,200 people, at 2pm were asked to wait inside while fire crews began to cool down the vehicle and make it safe.
The main addition is a row of metal bands that heat up or cool down depending on different actions happening in-game.
YOU Any good fitness class will include a cool down section, followed immediately by a stretch session.
The newly designed lamps will heat up and cool down instantly in response to voltage changes.
Always make sure you warm up before each workout and cool down and stretch after.
Yep, it's a great financial cool down [leave it now -- Ed].
Bertrand mentioned in Ask Mac (Nov/Dec 2009): My engine must cool down before restarting.
UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) has announced that it is expecting Israeli stocks to cool down.
Exercising in the extreme temperatures of the Middle East therefore provides an added stress on your body to cool down.
Participants in the two groups that did not cool down rested in sitting for a further 10 minutes.