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In order to prevent these changes from evolving into adventures, they must be filtered through historic experience and state traditions and our own capacity and international balance should be analyzed in a cool-headed manner.
"His calm personality and cool-headed approach can only have a positive impact on the youngsters that are being introduced into the team in all formats of the game.
According to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency, Yang told Yu that China considers denuclearization of North Korea a top priority but a ''calm and cool-headed'' approach is needed in addressing issues surrounding the North Korean nuclear test.
(NTT) will be concluded in a cool-headed fashion, government officials said.
Crises will only be solved by cool-headed action and clear communications that define and deal with the true problems.
This rash decision by the normally cool-headed Mr Hague is a serious misjudgment.
COOL-headed Owen and McKenzie Harban helped deliver their baby brother when mum Sharon suddenly went into labour at home.
But while China has made unusually stern remarks against North Korea over the test, it has also said the issue must be solved ''in a cool-headed manner.''
Back-to-school shopping is a lot more fun with the whole cool-headed crew.
The cool-headed Aussie had to swim more than 300 yards back to Caves Beach, north of Sydney.
But he manages to stay cool-headed enough to steer their boat in Sydney Harbour.
THE cool-headed Brit who caught a toddler when she fell three floors from a hotel balcony said she was in the right place at the right time.