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In this cooling system, the cooling water produced by the cooling tower is supplied to each load; the ICT equipment is cooled by exchanging heat with the heat medium (refrigerant or air) at heat exchangers of each load after the headers.
Classes W1 and W2 are representative of traditionally cooled data centers using chillers and cooling towers, but with an optional water-side economizer based on the local climate.
The cooled water is then pumped directly from the heat transfer coil to the furnace.
The rotors were heated with hot water, and after a waiting period of about one hour, they were cooled rapidly with cold water.
"The cooling tower was a straight splash bar design," continues Niemeyer, "and because the tower would fill with all the heavy junk that collected as the dirty water was cooled, the grid and fill within the tower eventually collapsed."
The outlook for one supplier of climatized seating systems is one where cooled seats are going to be hot.
To bring the microcalorimeter into a semiconductor manufacturing environment where the use of liquid cryogens is discouraged, CSP developed the pulse tube cooling system, a mechanically cooled device that will generate temperatures to <4 K without the use of cryogens.
The building is heated and cooled with a heatpump that uses the piles as a heat source or sink.
For most of urban history, people cooled their surroundings naturally--they planted shade trees around homes and buildings and used light-colored surfaces to reflect the sun's heat.
The water returning from campus is cooled as it circulates through the chillers and then returned to campus through high-pressure system pumps.
The windcatcher, which looked a lot like a wind shaft constructed on the roof, caught the wind, passed it through water and blew the cooled air into the building.
Between 2003 and 2005, the top layers of the world's oceans cooled slightly, but scientists aren't sure where the heat went.