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He paused and growing cooler in a moment, added, with only sarcastic dryness, "If Mr.
All the men present responded, and they were about to rush to the college gates in a body when it Occurred to the cooler among them that they had better divide into several parties, in order that search might be made at once in different quarters.
At last it began to grow dusk, and the sun sank behind the mountains; gradually it became cooler on the hill, and the grass grew wet with dew.
This is writing only to Frenchmen and to Papists: a Protestant would be desirous to know why he must imagine that Father du Bernat had a cooler head or more knowledge; and why one man whose account is singular is not more likely to be mistaken than many agreeing in the same account.
They then brought him his ass, and mounting him on top of it they put his jacket round him; and the compassionate Maritornes, seeing him so exhausted, thought fit to refresh him with a jug of water, and that it might be all the cooler she fetched it from the well.
This time, however, his address, although polite, was cooler than usual.
but while the pain is recent, and the sense of the injury so fresh, he must feel more strongly than in cooler moments.
They will be angry," he added, after a moment's silence, and in a cooler tone; "Mrs.
There were cooler and more calculating spirits, however, who had the control of affairs, and felt nothing of the patriotic pride and indignation of these youths.
I remember a pleasant place, set about with fruit-trees, where one can walk in meditation - and the air is cooler there.
It was very clear to me that if dangers lay before us I could not in all England have found a cooler head or a braver spirit with which to share them.
They could not have been cooler than this young man, with death at the bottom of his bright and sunken eyes.