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The secular cooling that must someday overtake our planet has already gone far indeed with our neighbour.
Their world is far gone in its cooling and this world is still crowded with life, but crowded only with what they regard as inferior animals.
While I was resting ever so comfortably on a rampart, and cooling my baking head in the delicious breeze, an officious guide belonging to another party came up and said:
Presently there was only a small super-heated core of gaseous matter remaining within a huge vacant interior left by the contraction of the cooling gases.
They prove that the moon's formation, by means of cooling, is due to violent causes; for while, under the pressure of internal fires the reliefs rise to considerable height, the depths withdraw far below the lunar level.
Crystallized by cooling, they have stereotyped that aspect which the moon formerly presented when under the Plutonian forces.
What with a cooling drink adapted to the weather, but not so weak as cool; and what with a rarer tobacco than was to be bought in those parts; Tom was soon in a highly free and easy state at his end of the sofa, and more than ever disposed to admire his new friend at the other end.
And he laughed, and took a little more of the cooling drink.
Cooling towers take hot (Condenser) water and mix it with cold air to get colder water which returns to the Chiller, picks up more heat and starts the cycle again.
Independent water consulting laboratory provides on-site water-treatment program monitoring and recommendations on cooling systems and solutions to mold corrosion and deposits.
When initially developing this process, Volvo's Powertrain foundry focused on creating a new casting process that provided an increased cooling rate for the casting with a more stable mold than green sand casting can provide.
Experiments in animals during the past 2 decades showed that cooling the body after a shutdown of the heart prevented much of this secondary damage.