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They would coolly skip over our age of the world, and say: "Smyrna was not faithful unto death, and so her crown of life was denied her; Ephesus repented, and lo
It doesn't make any difference," proceeded the other, as coolly as ever.
Brower was as courageous a criminal as ever lived to be hanged; that was shown by the conditions of awful personal peril in which he had coolly killed his brother-in-law.
I meditated suicide coolly, as a Greek philosopher might.
Allan told me she meant to have all the members of her Sunday-school class to tea in turn," said Marilla, regarding the wonderful event very coolly.
Curiosity killed a cat," observed the Story Girl coolly.
you choose rather to leave us miserable; and you coolly tell me it is the will of God that we should remain so.
Jones answered coolly, he was very sorry for it, and returned the money into his pocket.
So much the better," said Rouletabille, coolly, "I don't want to capture him.
The single is a concoction of stop-start riffs and fiery grunge dynamics topped of with Vant's coolly composed vocal delivery.
Having fallen behind to a penalty from Liam Kelly early in the second half, Shrewsbury rallied and Collins finished coolly with just over 20 minutes left to salvage some reward.
A smiling Clooney traveled up the spectacular Grand Canal to his wedding standing coolly aboard a water-taxi, waving to hundreds of well-wishers on shore and a flotilla of photographers chasing a glimpse of his final moments of bachelorhood.