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The text accomplishes, as it goes on, a self-organization not originally foreseen but perceived in retrospect as "toil cooperant to an end" (128.
Concerning one's personal participation in the cooperant Divine-human project of love and likeness, two themes consistently reappear in apophatic story: 1) the inevitability of suffering and loss (mourning), and 2) the importance of intentionality (Dubay, 1989).
The people have a very good knowledge of their forest but don't know enough about ecosystem functioning," says Sylvain Legault, a CUSO cooperant who volunteered in Chiloe for two years.
For two of those years she served as a CUSO cooperant working with human rights and democracy groups from across the archipelago, including West Papua.
Comme vous le savez, il est d'usage dans las petites villes et les districts ruraux d'attirer de l'industrie nouvelle par des exemptions ou reductions de taxes at d'autres avantages, et dans ces cas, la Commission se croit justifiable d'aider ce mouvement de decentralisation de l' industrie en y cooperant par une suspension de trois ou six mois de l'application des Ordonnances .
In ML-webs, the dynamical connectivity between processes allows for any type of link--such as the network link between an inner feeling and its verbal expression, the automatic translation of a thought into neuromotor actions, or the deep interlinkage between cooperant learning processes.
Adequate availability of the needed cooperant factor endowments like capital, farm household education and land especially further enhance employment of labour in agriculture.
The five narratives or recits constitute the highlights of Rachid's journey of initiation from childhood to adolescence, from a vague sexual awareness in "Fugue" to full-fledged and open homosexual relationships in "Amours," first with his Arabic teacher and then with Antoine, The French cooperant whose three children are too young "pour etre choques par leurs relations.
As the elegy draws to a close the poet more strongly feels the certainty of cosmic design: "That all, as in some piece of art,/ Is toil cooperant to an end" (CXXVIII).