cooperate with

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He is not honest and he is not to be trusted, first he blames us for cooperating with other Macedonian or Albanian parties and then he wants to cooperate with us.
According to the video, the reason for the execution of the fourteen citizens is cooperating with the government and refusing to cooperate with the terrorist organization.
In fact, within academic departments women of different social or professional "ranks" cooperate with each other less well than men do, according to Joyce Benenson, an Associate of Harvard's Human Evolutionary Biology Department and Professor of Psychology at Emmanuel College, Richard Wrangham, the Ruth Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology and Henry Markovits, from the University of Quebec at Montreal, the study's co-authors.
Commercial banks in the UAE have been asked to cooperate with a debts settlement fund.
At the same time, Israel is expected to declare its readiness to cooperate with a team that is to be appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, and headed by New Zeland's former president Geoffrey Paler, and including members from the United States, Israel and Turkey.
One may not cooperate with the evil of killing embryonic stem cells who are human beings in their earliest stage of development (see also the interview of Professor Luno, Zenit, Oct.
After she continued to cooperate with anti-IRA efforts, McConville became one of 10 civilians in Belfast murdered and secretly buried by the "Unknowns," a secret cell within the IRA set up by Adams to carry out special tasks.
After providing an initial denial, and other misleading information, (subject's name) acknowledged he/she wanted to cooperate with the (name of law enforcement agency) and thereafter admitted his/her involvement in this matter as follows illustrates how investigators can summarize these false statements and other extraneous items, such as rapport-building discussions, in their final official reports.
Syntroleum has expressed its firm desire to cooperate with Sinopec in the project.
Washington, July 6 ( ANI ): When deciding whether to cooperate with others, people do not act thinking in their own reward, as had been previously believed, but rather individuals are more influenced by their own mood at the time and by the number of individuals with whom they have cooperated before, a new study has revealed.
Asked about SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski's open proposal, Ahmeti expressed readiness to cooperate with all parties if that is in the interest of the state.
Former Fleishman-Hillard executive Steve Sugarman pleaded guilty to three counts of wire fraud in July, admitting he bilked the DWP out of tens of thousands of dollars and agreeing to cooperate with prosecutors against other former company officials.