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they are a major responsibility and should only be undertaken when the Cooperating Teacher has ample time to devote to the Student Teacher.
He added that geologists are cooperating with the project management team at the Finance Ministry in Makkah, as well as with specialized companies and offices, to process data collected on the hydrological system, geological features, and hydraulic properties of the sediment of the valleys and rocks at the site.
development of strong and lasting institutional partnerships through academic collaboration between higher education institutions in Norway and the cooperating countries;
Earlier, the JIT had complained to the apex court that the provincial government was not cooperating with the investigation.
During the hearing, the additional attorney general claimed that the provincial IGs are not cooperating. In Islamabad alone, 200 official residences have been illegally occupied by police officials, the additional attorney general said.
University-based teacher education programs rely on cooperating teachers to provide a meaningful field experience rooted in the day-to-day practicalities of the classroom.
If he has any sense of responsibility as a former leader, he should prove his innocence by fully cooperating with investigators and deliver only an honest account of his past actions.
One component is the role of the cooperating teacher in the implementation of the edTPA.
LAHORE -- A Punjab government spokesman on Friday contradicted the statement of the chairman NAB that some of provincial government were not cooperating with National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
According to a complaint and affidavit filed, Jones and Schimenti "pledged their allegiance" to IS and "advocated on social media for violent extremism in support of the terrorist group." It indicated that in 2015, the pair befriended three individuals whom Jones and Schimenti believed were IS devotees, two of whom were "undercover FBI employees and the third individual was cooperating with law enforcement and was not an IS supporter." It added "over the next several months, as part of the conspiracy, Jones and Schimenti allegedly took steps to assist the cooperating source with plans to travel overseas" to join IS.
He added that the RIPI and IFPEN have been cooperating for a long time but due to sanctions the cooperation fell to some extent.
Khan said it was vital that Pakistan and India deal with the menace of terrorism on a reciprocal basis, sharing information and cooperating with one another to counter terrorism.