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This paper reports part of a larger phenomenological study of 23 participants (eight pre-service teachers, eight university supervisors, and seven cooperating teachers) specifically focusing on pre-service teachers' issues in the relationship with cooperating teachers and their resolutions.
We are cooperating with authorities and we'll see how the situation develops," Giuseppe Recchi said on the sidelines of a conference.
To date, however, only brief discussions reporting cooperating teachers' experiences are available, and few studies take their perspectives directly into account.
In this article, we present analysis of data from 389 student teachers' evaluations of cooperating teachers.
Also speaking in the meeting, Nihat Ergun said Turkey was cooperating with Japanese companies Toyota, Isuzu and Honda but it wanted to boost its current cooperation.
The SEC's move to make cooperating witnesses the centerpiece of its reorganized fraud enforcement strategy is a major leap forward.
Israel described the so-called "Group of Experts" appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) as being biased, suggesting that Tel Aviv would not be cooperating with any investigation of its May 31 raid of a Turkish aid ship which resulted in the death of nine Turks, reported pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT, Monday.
NATO's top official says this year's NATO summit should focus on cooperating with Russia to make missile defense systems to protect countries against possible aggressors like Iran.
Regardless of how student teachers and cooperating teachers perceive their roles and those of the other, one interaction pervades the student teaching experience: evaluation of student teachers by cooperating teachers.
It is the Cooperating Teacher who helps the college student make the transition from student to teacher.
The bishops have cautioned pregnancy information centres run by Catholic agencies not to co-operate with or share services with Donum Vitae, since providing a certificate to allow an abortion is totally against Catholic teaching and would be cooperating with the evil of abortion.