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My cooperating teacher] gave me wonderful support with my planning by providing me with good ideas and the materials I could use.
The cooperating witness represented that the monies were the proceeds of, and related to his purported illegal activities and Ranjha laundered these funds believing they were to be used to support those activities.
The purpose of this article is to assist the first time Cooperating Teacher when the university is several hours away.
In a PDS it is important to focus on the cooperating teacher, as he/she plays an integral part in the PDS relationship.
Call in advance and find a convenient time for a visit with the cooperating teacher.
Fleishman-Hillard's regional president Richard Kline, who replaced Dowie after he was fired as head of the Los Angeles office, said the firm has been cooperating fully in the investigation and ``deeply regrets'' any improper actions that occurred in the L.
was terminated from the AICPA peer review program for not cooperating with the AICPA Peer Review Board regarding the firm's failure to submit acknowledgment of its agreement to take the corrective or monitoring actions as a result of its most recent peer review.
Cooperating associations and friends groups help support 347 (90 percent) of our national parks.
By offering special pricing discounts or restricted packaging, a cooperating store owner may predict the arrival of certain drug subjects, thereby making surveillance more productive.
McConville, the IRA had warned the widow to stop cooperating with British Army units trying to uproot the terrorist group.
They chose not to let their cooperating teacher's beliefs and the classroom/school environment change their ideas of how children best learn.
Storage vendors, for example, are cooperating with manufacturers of host bus adapters to insure compatibility between device drivers and adherence to common Fibre Channel protocols.