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The problem is that cooperation among big special interests almost invariably does degenerate into collusion.
12- An executive program for tourism cooperation in 2010-2012.
Stakeholders who pose high threat but whose potential for cooperation is low are best managed through a defensive strategy.
Topic of the meeting held with Serbian President and Deputy PM was the promotion of bilateral cooperation in different fields, and the two sides talked about the military-to-military, military-economic and military-educational cooperation.
In 1986 the OCC asked the AICPA banking committee to help select a representative sample of banks across the country to participate in a pilot program for improving communication and cooperation between bank external auditors and bank examiners.
The Federation is also favorably inclined toward the centerpiece of the Administration's labor policy: increased labor-management cooperation.
The advent and widespread use of computer networks has also reduced, though not eliminated, the importance of another major barrier to cooperation in the past--the difficulty of communication among selectors and collection officers in different institutions, and the labor-intensive maintenance of the tools of cooperation.
Syria and Ecuador signed on Thursday five agreements on economic, tourist, trade, judiciary, political cooperation at the International Cooperation and Planning Commission headquarters in Damascus.
He said that the Sudanese - Chinese relations are firm in all fields, indicating that the strategic cooperation agreement has set the general framework for cementing the cooperation in the political and economic cooperation as well as the coordination between the two countries at the regional and international forums and the issues of mutual concern.
The Business Cooperation Meeting will be jointly hosted by Beijing Municipal government and Milan Municipal government and held by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council (CCPIT Beijing) and Milan Chamber of Commerce.
The Medium-Term Development Plan 2015-2019 underscores the need for Indonesia to enhance its role in South-South and Triangular Cooperation," the minister noted in her opening address to the South-South Cooperation Forum 2015 at the Foreign Affairs Ministry's building here on Tuesday.
The AOK Bavaria intends their existing cooperation from 2016 to rethink and re-assigned.

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