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Once fraud by "culpable" employees is presumed by the government, any cooperation by the company that does not result in uncovering that fraud and identifying those guilty parties becomes suspect.
Not only that, cooperation withered as agencies competed for money, independent church capital campaigns competed with the denominational effort, and SBC boards squabbled over the division of the funds that did come in.
These pillars rest on the foundation provided by security cooperation tools such as basing and access agreements, exercises, cooperative armament development, FMS, and international affairs people like our attaches, regional affairs specialists and pol-mil strategists.
Many other leading international organizations, especially those directly engaging people on the ground, are nurturing such dialogues and developing creative cooperation, from Amnesty International to the Scouting Movement.
While Turkey's close cooperation with the US did not produce expected benefits, the sanctions became even more of an irritation, harming Turkey's interests in an ever-growing circle.
Group selection favors the spread of genetically linked traits that foster cooperation among individuals, even if those organisms are unrelated and some of them die as a result of their altruism.
Kang Jinghe and Kono Taro actively evaluated the achievements of China, Japan and South Korea in the past 20 years, fully affirmed the importance of the cooperation between the three countries in promoting their respective developments and regional peace, agreed to maintain bilateral relations, actively promote cooperation among the three countries, and accelerate RCEP and China and Japan.
Describing energy cooperation as the "most significant, most fruitful and most wide-ranging" area of bilateral cooperation, Xi said the two sides' close coordination has played a positive role in safeguarding the fair, just, reasonable and orderly international energy order.
These common views have been written into the joint communique of the Round Table Summit of BRF, which has become an international consensus and will lead the parties to refine the blueprint of Belt and Road cooperation. The concept articulated by President Xi Jinping of acting on the principles of high international standard, ensuring commercial and financial sustainability of the progress has been widely recognized by the international community.
He said the demonstration area offered a good platform for deepening cooperation, adding: "It can collaborate with other SCO industrial parks and demonstration areas to promote the development of new overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, as well as large-scale international transport and logistics corridors."
This time, the two leaders made a top-level design for high-quality development of CPEC, underlining the importance of bringing policy synergy between BRI and the development strategy of Pakistan, with more focus on industrial cooperation and social uplift and livelihood projects.
5.As cooperation partners, we appreciate the progress already made and important opportunities created in the Belt and Road cooperation, especially the outcomes in areas such as development policy synergy, increased infrastructure investment, economic corridors, economic and trade cooperation zones, industrial parks, finance and trade cooperation, innovation and technology, maritime cooperation, business-to-business ties, people-to-people and cultural exchange.

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