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memorandum on cooperation between Japan's Coast Guard and Russia's border patrol
Clearly partners in a cooperative collection development enterprise must feel a shared sense that cooperation will provide benefits to each of them, and that there is a compelling reason to put resources into such an effort.
The UAW insurgent movement, New Directions, has a scathing analysis of the corrupting effects of cooperation.
At the bank above, for example, further cooperation allowed the auditors to evaluate the allowance for loan and lease losses more efficiently.
Here, the physician executive is facing a situation where the stakeholder is high in both threat and cooperation potential.
The problem is that cooperation among big special interests almost invariably does degenerate into collusion.
Transit is one of the most important grounds for cooperation, which will make us capable of linking the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean to the Black Sea, creating the most inexpensive route for all countries of the region.
The State Secretary for International Cooperation and for Ibero-America and the Caribbean, Fernando Garca Casas, chaired the plenary meeting of the Cooperation Council, in which, besides the General State Administration Services, the NGODs Coordinator, Universities and experts panel are represented.
The cooperation has begun with three faculties in Germany (TU Friedberg, TU Darmstadt, BSC Reutlingen) and preconditions for further cooperation are being created.
4) MoU for cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space.
Larijani, meantime, said that activities made by Iran and Russia in the region should not be confined to Syria and the regional issues, adding, "We are pleased that you are interested in cooperation with Iran in other fields too.
The dialogue was chaired by Director General of Development Cooperation from the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan, Mustafa Aria and was attended by Director General of the Asian Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Xiao Qian and Director General of the Afghanistan Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Mansoor Ahmad Khan.

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