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Even though the two sides in the cooperationist camp use different methodologies to make their truth claims, they are reluctant to accept the widely divergent views of reality that they project.
The cooperationists include some of the most visible scientific and religious institutions, as well as prominent scientists and church leaders.
Since 1990, a cooperationist dynamic has existed between the state and various religious organizations.
These moderates called themselves Cooperationists, indicating that they supported strong measures only if South Carolina acted in unison with the other Southern states.
Hubbard's prediction proved correct despite the fact that over 90 percent of Lawrence Countians voted to send cooperationist representatives to the Alabama Secession Convention.
Mississippi unionists obtained a nearly 60 percent majority (of votes cast), while in South Carolina cooperationists (as opposed to state secessionists) also polled a majority of nearly 60 percent (these elections occurred in November 1850 and February 1851).

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