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Cooperation management is effective and efficient management of relationships in a cooperation between separate and relatively independent organizations or individuals, with the goal of improving their competitiveness (Soviar 2012; Vodak et al.
In the analysis of scientific literature we also looked at indications of the key success factors of building cooperation management in a company.
Building of relationships based on cooperation and having the following attributes (Ramanauskiene, Ramanauskas 2006; Lydeka, Adomavicius 2007; Malakauskaite, Navickas 2010, 2011; Gumilar et al.
To build cooperation management in a company is a real challenge that company managers need to deal with.
Sahut and Peris-Ortiz (2014) emphasized the role of innovations in the process of building cooperation management in a company.
Another important factor for building cooperation management is trust between the partner organizations.
Assuming that the abovementioned identified factors are taken care of within a company, then its cooperation management will bring expected results, such as better product quality, shorter delivery times and higher customer satisfaction (Valenzuela, Villacorta 1999).
Based on the performed analysis and evaluation of various approaches to managing company cooperation activities, as presented by multiple authors, we are able to proceed to systematization of these findings.
Managers had a list of key success factors related to the use of cooperation management in a company at their disposal.
As shown in Figure 1 below, when representatives of the selected companies consider collaboration with another company or an organization, they mostly look at the partner's position on the market, certification, references, profitability, insolvency and potential costs of future cooperation.
The model for building cooperation management in a company should comprise the sources of information, concepts as well as the resources necessary for implementation, building and support of cooperation relationships.
to build successful and trouble-free cooperation management in a company,

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