cooperative action

See: synergy
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The Arab nations must get their act together in cooperative action and religious leaders of all faiths must redouble their efforts right now.
Through cooperative action, many people now have the opportunity to create resident-owned communities (ROCs), securing the land beneath their homes for perpetuity.
Furthermore, LCA envisions an association that will become a determining factor in the stimulus and improvement of the Louisiana criminal justice system; corrections professionals who are knowledgeable in all facets of the system; and a system where prevention and deterrence of crime has succeeded and is primary to incarceration, as LCA believes intervention leads to cooperative action among professionals to reduce crime.
The international community, as fragmented and conflicted as it currently is, can find common ground in recognizing the threat that North Korea's unpredictable and enigmatic regime poses, and take cooperative action to mitigate it.
So it's doubly encouraging to learn that the population of California blue whales has recovered to near its historic level, both because it shows that cooperative action for conservation is possible, and because the extinction of the largest animals ever to inhabit the Earth would have shamed all humanity.
The president said his approach will continue to rely on cooperative action with allies and diplomacy to resolve disputes among nations.
under a cooperative action with Shrewsbury Police and charged with assault and battery.
Experts participating in a panel titled "Climate Change and Turkey" organized by Bilgi University stressed that the lack of an international cooperative action plan to address global climate change suggests a pessimistic view of the future.
Dave is a founding member and currently sits on the board of the San Diego chapter of CALSEIA, which exists to promote, foster, and advance the use of solar energy systems in the San Diego region through cooperative action of the members of the local solar industry.
The point is indecisive because reasonable trust insulates cooperative action from the factors surrounding advantageous self-interest.
Using the skills they acquire at the Summer School, they will return home empowered by their experience and strengthened in their capacity to implement cooperative action in their home communities and beyond.
Over 350 delegates are expected to discuss evolving transnational threats to maritime security and safety, examine prevailing operating paradigms, further collaboration towards a regional security framework and cooperative action across borders.

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