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The RFR program provides cooperators the equipment necessary to better support federal agencies in wildfire response.
Like its springtime counterpart, the Fall Cooperator Expo is an invaluable, one-of-a-kind opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest in building services from over 250 exhibitors, attend informative seminars, get free advice from legal and management experts, and more.
As another example, consider a cooperator (XX-chooser) C who learns that her second counterpart D had selected XX and has no opportunity to change his decision (C's initial counterpart did not report C's choice).
In case of a large conflict between groups, on the contrary, the group with more cooperators is subject to win [17].
Ayag is one of several partners or cooperators of the Quezon Herbal Industry Program (QHIP), which the provincial government launched in 2014.
The first section of this paper will explain why a VIP contractor is regulated as a gaming promoter, while the cooperators or customer representatives are not.
We define the density of players [rho] = ([n.sub.c] + [n.sub.d])/N, where [n.sub.c] is the number of cooperators and [n.sub.d] is the number of defectors.
"sign up" a cooperator who has information about insider
Deferred Prosecution Agreements - Formal written agreements in which the Commission agrees to forego an enforcement action against a cooperator if the individual or company agrees, among other things, to cooperate fully and truthfully and to comply with express prohibitions and undertakings during a period of deferred prosecution.
Such consideration is fair game for the defense to use during cross-examination should the cooperator take the stand at trial.
The Honored Cooperator Award gives national recognition to outstanding individuals, including public figures, co-op employees and volunteers, who have worked to develop, advance and protect cooperatives.