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To ensure sustainability of the SSF operations, he also worked with the rest of the SME development team of the province to additional capability building activities for cooperators.
After harvest, the cooperators are not obliged to pay back the provincial government from their earnings.
For the demonstration phase, the BFAR will provide fingerlings and commercial feeds to the cooperators and whatever amount that would come from the sale of harvested fish would accrue to them, Domenden said.
Another group of people in the VIP rooms, the cooperators or customer representatives of a contractor, do essentially the same work as that of a VIP-room contractor.
argue that interviews with cooperators should be audio- or videotaped to
Prosecutors must work with allied law enforcement on decisions involving the reduction of charges, granting of immunity or other provision of incentives to the cooperator for his or her grand jury testimony.
Hunters simply record their daily grouse hunting activities in a Cooperator Ruffed Grouse Hunting Log.
Cooperators at Summit Seed are testing a dry formulation for use as a bedding mulch for landscaping use.
2003 Wildlife Stewardship Industry Cooperator Award to Mark Johns, wildlife biologist at the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and coordinator for North Carolina Partners in Flight.
The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service provides some $90 million to 20 to 30 cooperators, which are regional and commodity groups that pool efforts and resources.
This in spite of the fact that the cooperators conceived of their enterprise not in narrow economic terms of increasing productivity and efficiency, but as total economic, political, and social recasting of rural society.
On the other hand, the multiperson Prisoners' Dilemma game can be characterized by two payoff functions that specify the reward/ penalty for a cooperator and a defector, respectively, as functions of the ratio of cooperators to the total number of participants.