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The first section of this paper will explain why a VIP contractor is regulated as a gaming promoter, while the cooperators or customer representatives are not.
We will not allow this because BDI is not a party of spies but a party of NLA fighters," a close cooperator to Lika told Lajm.
Alan Kahn, a cooperator who led the pro-privatization committee, declined to comment on the decision beyond saying, "At this point, we're very disappointed.
Cooperators involved in data collection for this survey were DNR and Georgia Forestry Commission field personnel.
The premise of Super Cooperators is that mathematically, biological cooperation is as important in evolution as mutation and the dog-eats-dog world of Darwin's survival of the fittest.
particularly when cooperators receive overly generous sentences in
Journalist Ethan Brown's book places the anti-snitching trend in its broader political and cultural context, arguing that it is "the poisoned fruit of two decades of highly punitive sentencing policy and the secretive, sprawling, and mostly unregulated cooperator and informant institution.
Cooperators at Summit Seed are testing a dry formulation for use as a bedding mulch for landscaping use.
AF&PA's Wildlife Stewardship Awards recognizes significant achievements by wildlife and fisheries biologists and managers working for the forest products industry and cooperators in wildlife or fisheries programs on private forests or a (SFI) participant's forest.
Just as in real life, Ranger Weaver's life is wound inseparably to his work, staff, cooperators, the public, and his family.
The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service provides some $90 million to 20 to 30 cooperators, which are regional and commodity groups that pool efforts and resources.
This in spite of the fact that the cooperators conceived of their enterprise not in narrow economic terms of increasing productivity and efficiency, but as total economic, political, and social recasting of rural society.