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Cayanos bared that there are a total of 988 registered coops of which only about 652 or 66 percent are compliant.
This will create an opportunity for sustainable and guaranteed investment opportunities with considerable positive aspects, as the value of the stocks which is Dh50 million will contribute to the development and expansion of the Coop and support its future plans.
Minister Bathiudeen was addressing the launch of Sri Lanka's first ever Cooperatives Week at BMICH on 23 June with the participation of many Provincial Coop Ministers.
I raised the guillotine door to let the other chickens have access to the upstairs of the coop and went about my business elsewhere.
The conference aims to serve as a venue for focusing on the important role of coops in agribusiness and enterprise development and identifying opportunities for mainstreaming them in the agribusiness sector.
With regard to property repossessions, he said the Coops will show sensitivity on property seizures.
He makes sure the birds have water and food, and he pushed some fresh sawdust under the coop to serve as bedding.
is a robust and functioning organization, a model of the well-run coop that has been studied and replicated around the world.
With condo boards increasingly behaving more like coops (often requiring extensive board packages), and coops toughening their already difficult requirements, new offerings serve as a refuge for the first time buyer whose finances will hold up to bank review but not to the intense scrutiny of a board.