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It is a misleading and risky practice because it implies the geographic coordinate is more accurate than actually exists and could result in the geographic coordinate being unintentionally misused in an application that requires a truly precise coordinate.
Through examples, one can then help students realize that coordinates can be a convenient addition to the context.
3] tetrahedral symmetry of carbon be used as the symmetry of a new coordinate system, with this atom located at the origin.
Construct the link-cell list (LINKS) based on r3 coordinates.
The majority are Croscill's, but there are a couple from Fieldcrest and a Newmark Cotton Loop bath rug and lid cover ensemble that coordinates with Martex's Canterbury towels.
The Past-President chairs this very important committee which coordinates and plans nomination activities.
The user may employ eight node quadrilaterals, four node quadrilaterals and three node triangular elements in either a plane Cartesian or axisymmettic coordinate frame.
Each of the projections defines a coordinate system, which when taken together cover all of [S.
In New Haven, Connecticut On March 4th -- The Activist/Writer And Art Critic Stephen Kobasa will Coordinate a Reading at 12:30 at the Institute Library.
Aviation Mobile Apps has launched a GPS coordinate converter giving pilots a faster and simpler way to convert coordinates mid-flight, the company said.
Asked the purpose of an Iraqi-announced effort to coordinate intelligence among Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters before he met Kerry it was to "coordinate the efforts against ISIL (Islamic State).
This is where you'd turn to Google Maps Coordinate.

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