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The Executive Director is responsible for overall coordination and evaluation of all cases and issues emanating from the Coordinated Examination Program.
While florals dominate the coordinated lines at Sears, the style range is diverse: Candlewood by Saturday Knight Ltd.
Felimon Santos Jr., commander of Eastern Mindanao Command, expressed optimism on the crime and terrorism deterrent impact on the conduct of the coordinated patrol.
Luke's defended its decision, saying in a written statement that it is constantly reviewing its surgeons and revoked the physician's privileges partly because Coordinated Health's goals as a for-profit entity differ from St.
In Vancouver, Canada on March 5th -- A reading coordinated by the Journalist/Author Hadani Ditmars.
Coordinated Cut and Monitor Closely carry the colours of City trader Lawrie Inman, whose deals have attracted the interest of the financial press and who once made pounds 700,000 in an hour trading on the movement of interest rates.
Coordinated party expenditures are subject to limits based on office sought, state, and voting-age population (VAP).
To address this, SNL/NM P2 staff identified recyclers to accept materials and coordinated the collection, transportation and delivery for the contractors.
Our twin objectives were to promote coordinated implementation of quarantine measures by the several local military and civilian agencies and jurisdictions in San Diego County and to emphasize initial decisions that encouraged voluntary compliance.
Coordinated terrorist assaults include elements that occur simultaneously or nearly so and are conducted by a single terrorist organization or jointly by sympathetic groups.
* A need for a coordinated schedule and plan for the engineering releases of C2 software that would lead to the final software submission by the target date of April 30, 2004.

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