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Centroid localization algorithm [3] uses the centroid coordinate of the selected beacon nodes as the estimated coordinates of the unknown nodes.
Reference coordinates (r, [theta], []phi, t) are the space and time coordinates used by the distant observer to make measurements while the particle detects passage of time using local time coordinate [tau].
There are known methods to determine the position of an object by 3D polar observations when the coordinates of the measurement instrument are well-known.
Kathi Kreklow, 599th Transportation Group commander, the DM4-S conducted mobility planning and operational activities to coordinate and synchronize the movement of U.
The rest of the chapter reviews some basic manipulations ill ArcMAP for loading data, adding graticules, setting display units for the coordinates, and so forth.
The region's military public affairs officers formed a joint information bureau to prepare press releases and sent a representative to the county's emergency operations center to coordinate military-civilian announcements to the public.
Patterson called the Sheriff's Department and provided the GPS coordinates to dispatcher personnel.
GeoPDF maps allow end-users with Adobe Reader the ability to turn layers on or off, view and query attributes embedded as standard PDF comments, view coordinates, re-project to other projection coordinates, measure distance, view azimuth and bearing, and interact with GPS devices.
These weapons seek precise geographic coordinates that are measured relative to the World Geodetic System (WGS)-84 Ellipsoid--an invisible but precisely located surface based on the signals of GPS satellites (fig.
Through examples, one can then help students realize that coordinates can be a convenient addition to the context.
CRIS coordinates activities and fosters cooperation on a national and international scale to enhance research efforts in reduce the uncertainty of risk, Toward that end, CRIS manages international programs on chemical safety and health, and coordinates environmental health programs in developing countries.
Despite the apparent success of van t'Hoff's view of "atoms arranged in space," almost 150 years later we are still using the more rectangular Cartesian coordinates to describe organic chemistry molecules.

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