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The summary of the possible methods to implement the coordination mechanism and their associated attributes is illustrated in Table V.
Eaton manufactures the broadest selection of products to meet NEC selective coordination requirements and provides industry-leading expertise to help customers maintain service continuity and enhance safety, said Erik Barnes, marketing manager, Eaton.
According to the the press release, the MQM Coordination Committee has been dissolved after its members failed to deliver their responsibilities, showing utter negligence.
This amendment recognizes the importance of care coordination for chronically ill patients and at the same time gives an incentive to physicians by providing the opportunity for reimbursements if the proper coordination is implemented to ensure improved care and decreased costs to the patient.
She said that implementation of meeting recommendations would help improving coordination and working relationship.
The civil-military coordination workshop on disaster management was organized by Qatar's Special Operations Group of Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) in coordination with the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).
During the construction stage, a contractor has to continuously coordinate work with relevant parties to move the project forward and must adjust the content and frequency of coordination methods in response to changes, such as changes in design or site conditions.
From the perspective of a coordinator, a role enables the coordination of a set of actors that share the same static description of behaviors without requiring the coordinator to be aware of the individual actors in the set.
NEC's cutting edge multiprocessor dynamic-control technology, which can dynamically allocate some of a multiprocessor's processors to device coordination, is a platform technology that will achieve highly-scalable performance for device coordination and high security for embedded systems in the future.
Increasingly there is an interest in extending coordination beyond the individual organization or care provider to encompass the whole episode of care for a given patient (Provan and Milward 1995; Shortell, Gillies, and Devers 1995; Gittell 2002).
The OEM EOC will also be able to leverage the future benefits of the Citywide Public Safety Wireless Network, which will provide real-time links to City, state and federal agencies, bolster situational awareness and foster resource coordination in case of a large scale disaster.
I'm also talking about music in terms of being helpful in developing muscular strength and coordination and line.

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