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W]e may say that, when Hayek, Polanyi, and Coase spoke of coordination in economic systems, the dedicated opponents [of] any conscious effort to arrange society as a whole meant, in fact, pleasing arrangement.
If all Hayek meant was that the free market generates an order "more pleasing" than any other system could, he probably wouldn't have used the term coordination at all.
the arrangement (Left, Left), though a coordination equilibrium, shows unsatisfactory coordination.
Besides the road game, a typical example of a modern neoclassical coordination game is the choice between Beta and VHS standards for videocassettes.
Armed with Klein's definition of concatenate coordination, one will certainly see the concept spilling out of Hayek's work.
However, our main point is that surely Klein's definition of mutual coordination is also embedded in Hayek's work.
ARC, however, is a three-layer system, with functional behavior confined to the lowest level, and coordination to the upper two levels.
However, the basic actor model does not enable the coordination of groups of actors to be specified in a modular fashion.
Coordinators constrain the coordination behavior of roles.
Each role can have different intra-role coordination policies.
The separation of computation, intra-role, and inter-role coordination advocated by the ARC model is clean and orthogonal.
The actor layer does not depend on the coordination layer.

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