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Chib SS, 2000, Relationship of Selected Psychomotor Variables And Coordinative Abilities to Playing Ability in Volleyball.
In stark contrast, coordinative acquisition does not use a contract; nor does it involve appropriated funds; nor does it plan to procure, purchase, or lease a product.
Summarizing, we can say that the analysis skills reveal partial but crucial quality coordinative skills.
Leader of BESA Movement, Bilal Kasami and member of the coordinative body Zeqirija Ibrahimi Wednesday met with Albanian Ambassador Fatos Reka and informed him about the BESA platform and its organization in Macedonia.
The Assistant of the President was briefed during his meeting the General Coordinator of the National Service Coordinative Organ, Dr Yasser Osman Suleiman in the Republican Palace, Wednesday, on performance and programs of the Organ for the year 2018.
At the start of the meeting, which took place at RTAs premises, Al Tayer welcomed Al Marri and stressed the importance of holding coordinative meetings between the two parties to enhance cooperation and develop a common approach & perspective to a variety of issues.
Local: KUWAIT -- Major donors for relief aid efforts in Syria hold their eighth coordinative meeting.
Coordinative capabilities are based on physical factors of performance repertoire of gestures and analytical capacity and is expressed by mastering the driving actions and increased learning capacity.
On the initiative of the civil sector, in cooperation with several intellectuals and representatives of new political subjects, an over-party coordinative council for organizing a joint Assembly will be formed, which will analyze the current position of the Republic of Macedonia and the need of constitutional amendments, as a guarantee for the stability in the country, informs "Lajm".
DURING the last month, the Volunteerism Coordinative Council has set up a centre for social help in each district to offer help to individuals and families which include tutoring for free and offering psychological help.
During his address, Tuesday, at the Friendship Hall to the workshop on the Elections and the Future of the Political Practices, organized by the Higher Coordinative Committee for the Follow-up of the Implementation of the Outcomes of the National Dialogue, he noted that the challenge facing the political forces is how to attract the community members to participate in the electoral process, and to perfectly chose their representatives.
The Contractor is expected to provide the best possible advice and support to the Steering Committee and the responsible overall project management in the areas of professional, organizational, coordinative and administrative communication.

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