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COPARTNERSHIP. This word is frequently used in the sense of partnership. (q.v.)

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Notice is hereby given, that the Copartnership entered into between William Hutchinson, Samuel Terry, Thomas William Winder, George Williams, William Leverton, and Daniel Cooper, in the above Concern, is entirely confined to the GRINDING, and BUYING, and SELLING of WHEAT and CORN; and does not extend to any other Branch or Trade or Merchandize whatsoever.
That is what the biblical metaphor of "covenanting" (Brueggemann, 1979) is all about: God's Faithful Presence with us and all of creation, in the midst of suffering, brokenness, and evil, graciously inviting and empowering us to an on-going and dynamic copartnership of love, creativity and healing.
Instead of the copartnership Lady Victoria sought, the King grants women the right to be mistresses "in their own houses and families," choose their own clothes, and "go abroad when they will" (116-17).
Last fall, after fifteen years of copartnership, the two split.
To the contrary, as Whayne suggests, regardless of their relative standing before law, "tenants and sharecroppers saw themselves as independent farmers in copartnership with planters"(199), and rejected their treatment as disposable wage hands to be evicted at the landlord's command.