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COPARTNERSHIP. This word is frequently used in the sense of partnership. (q.v.)

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) and the management of General Motors' (GM) Saturn auto production plant in Spring Hill, TN, have entered a new form of work organization based on copartnership.
In many of the States there has been special legislation, giving married women the right to property inherited or received by bequest, or earned by the pursuit of any avocation outside the home; also giving them the right to sue and be sued in matters pertaining to such separate property; but not a single State of this Union has ever secured the wife in the enjoyment of her right to equal ownership of the joint earnings of the marriage copartnership.
com is a COHESION initiative with the mission to provide a full-featured, copartnership program targeted to system integrators and builders, that promotes improved communication between all channel members.
It can do so by providing performance budgeting, client theory, copartnership, and restructuring and reorganization.
He purchased the copartnership for $5,000 and took the position of manager of operations.