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Coping has often been assessed with standardized general scales, which assume that people use the same strategies to cope with stressful situations over time and across situations.
Coping interventions would teach individuals about the range of coping strategies available for managing a variety of stressful stimuli and, in the context of tinnitus, how to strategically cope with the fluctuating symptoms of tinnitus.
It is argued that religious practices such as praying can help couples to cope with their stressful conditions.
An athlete, for instance, may cope with the stress of receiving a penalty, using either a "positive" strategy (e.
Religion serves as emotional support against the stressor to positive reinterpretation of the problem or as a tactic to cope with the stressor10 (Carver et al.
Counselors need to be especially aware that students who are overly concerned about making mistakes, as well as those who are doubtful about whether to take actions, tend to cope with stress by avoiding or denying the stressors and are at higher risk for using alcohol and drugs to get away from stressful situations.
2009) also found that women patients cope with distress in more appropriate way as compared to men.
They found that, overall, individuals tend to use religion in order to cope with distress, grow, and make meaning from pain.
In terms of secondary appraisals, individuals may engage their spirituality as a resource to cope with a stressor.
For some it was merely the presence of certain job characteristics, such as heavy demands, interpersonal strife, or lack of control that constituted stress, but others suggested that occupational stress was about the inability to cope with specific work factors, or the physical or psychological consequences of failing to cope (Wainwright and Calnan, 2002).
ISLAMABAD -- Offspring's of expecting mothers, who experience stress during pregnancy, can become obese, if the children cope with stress passively, a new study has suggested.
Students is a very specific population according to their manner to cope with stress.