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Meyer donated money to COPIA recently in Child's memory, Howard said.
DMC Worldwide is demonstrating COPIA at the O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing conference in New York City on Feb.
DMC Worldwide's lineup of devices powered by COPIA matches perfectly to the experience of reading in black and white e-paper or rich media.
OEM brands interested in evaluating the COPIA platform can contact DMC Worldwide at oemsales@dmcww.
The COPIA platform - including the online community, e-commerce engine and broad suite of devices - were designed to satisfy consumers' ferocious appetite for content consumption, as well as a shared experience," said Ben Lowinger, EVP, DMC Worldwide.
The Westin Verasa Napa Residences is be located approximately two blocks west of Downtown Napa and is conveniently located near all of Napa Valley's attractions, including the wine train, wineries, COPIA, and the Oxbow Public Market.
Through ISR COPIA users, regardless of the digital device, can/will stay connected with friends, continue discussing a book and leave annotations for future references.