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Our greatest threat, however, was now identified as liquid, brown, malodorous, and ever-present in more copious amounts.
Following copious irrigation, a Blake drain was placed, and the wound was closed in normal fashion.
The copious book, which started off as Avermaete's doctoral thesis, provides an extensive historical, philosophical, socio-political and architectural background for an encompassing assessment of the architects' complete oeuvre.
That suggests that Spitzer spotted the crystalline silicates around 21 of 77 infrared-bright galaxies because the craft looked at just the right time and the galaxies produced copious amounts of material.
In Josephine Meckseper's second solo exhibition in New York, two mirrored cubes placed in the center of the gallery reflected not only the viewer but also copious amounts of ephemera relating to the worlds of high-end commerce and political activism.
In this work, copious notes and documents accompany descriptions of these and other occurrences.
Copious amounts of sponsored liquid refreshment distinguished the Big Island opening of the Landslide Photo Show.
If you suddenly inherited an obscene amount of money, what would you do with it (after copious donations to the Houle Foundation, of course)?
His obvious command of the facts and copious documentation are often overshadowed by his pompous tone, overuse of certain stock words and phrases, and blatant hostility to Christianity.
One could say that neo-liberal ideology has taken a beating from the copious evidence of its shortcomings.
She also provides copious notes throughout the text, frequently providing alternate renderings of key words and phrases that help the reader develop a keener sense of the author's intentions.
William Phillips's heist flick failed to find an audience despite the copious amounts of money Odeon Films spent on promoting it.