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Peter's, from the early modern theater to the laboratories of Robert Hooke, from Chaucer's Miller to Milton's Pandemonium, Engines of the Imagination vividly renders the peculiar, nonmodern aspects of machines: their theological associations, the sense of wonder they provoked, the ingenuity necessary to compose them, their "formalism," their prestige and complexity--their copiousness, in a word, as well as their sometime utility.
Here, he presents the reader with a series of geographical and scientific reports and theories, all from the books in the libraries around him, which works though its very copiousness to suggest the foolishness of accepting the ideas of particular authorities while in ignorance of others.
Its array of reflection, scholarship, research, and creative writing reflects that same copiousness, versatility and quality which we have now come to associate with O'Sullivan himself.
Most arresting is the sheer copiousness of Florio's dictionary entries, an eclecticism that conforms neither to standards of linguistic propriety nor to the succinct, compressed exactitude we have come to expect from dictionaries.
He also considers how eloquence, which denotes the copiousness and forcefulness of the spoken word in antiquity, comes to represent literary writing: specifically, modern English literary writing.
A vision, and a poetry, as commanding as anything in Blake, that Romantic whose oeuvre bursts from the narrow coffin of Abrams's 'Romantic poet', Ni Chuilleanain's copiousness allows her to refuse to substitute, and therefore to present as simultaneous rather than subsumptive, word for world, male spirit for female body, the hammers and scores that make music for Los's iron hammer of justice.
Every original language near to its source is in itself the chaos of a cyclical poem: the copiousness of lexicography and the distinctions of grammar are the works of a later age, and are merely the catalogue and the form of the creations of poetry.
This was a prose which seemed to dissolve a sentence into a copiousness of splendid phrases--or rather not dissolve: seemed not yet to have attained from phrases to a true sentence.
This can counter-productively quite overbear the original lightness of the text, burying the joke even further, and we might with profit heed Quintilian, one of the fathers of copiousness, when he suggests that 'to ferret out everything that has ever been said on the subject even by the most worthless of writers is a sign of tiresome pedantry' (i.
Modern Egyptian Arabic fiction represents a rich heritage, rivaling Elizabethan English drama in its copiousness.
If "copia" was a virtue in Renaissance verbal art, his copiousness displays itself not only in his rhetoric but in his attentiveness to the variety of persons.
Notwithstanding the copiousness and the variety of literary, artistic, and religious references the book suffers because too often these references are bent, compressed, and squeezed into a straightjacket of homogeneity in which the rich diversity of the originals, their different and contrasting voices, are forced into a monotonous uniformity.