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The Commerce Clause was necessary to allow Congress to help "multiply the means of [people's] gratification," which would "serve[] to vivify and invigorate the channels of industry, and to make them flow with greater activity and copiousness.
Copiousness is an abundance of thought or resourcefulness borne of preparation (Sloane, 1997, p.
Although this reviewer ultimately found the book's dizzying copiousness and disorienting capaciousness a welcome change of pace from recent work in the areas of early modern literature and science, some readers, historians especially, might balk at its methodology or lack thereof.
Because of the copiousness of those that patronize her trade, she is morally armed to defy this society which enjoys the game of ostriches.
8) "[There are] certain areas of humanist concern in which a stress on copiousness appears to be central; and as this concern is often of an imaginative as well as of a conceptual order, I have found it instructive to use an image, that of the horn of plenty, as a means of comparing and isolating different texts.
Before turning to screenwriting, Sinclair had already established himself as a writer of extraordinary copiousness both in fiction and American social history (he had lectured in the subject at University College London from 1965-7).
Debido a "a rain of such chilling copiousness that any shelter was preferable to exposure" (The Call 35), el tambien curioso personaje es empujado al interior de una extraia construccion: "after repeating the summons I tried the rusty latch and found the door unfastened.
Along with his bombasts, verbal copiousness, and abundant references to sex and violence, the Capitano also blended languages to create a kind of hybrid speech, amalgamating Spanish and Italian, or German and Italian.
One consequence of what I sense to be Quinones's predisposition is that, for all of his descriptive copiousness, some long-range historical consequences, wreaked by the more potent partner in the pair, are suppressed.
Johnson holds the advantage over Austen because of the sheer copiousness of materials about him, including portraits, a death-mask, a record of his autopsy, and--thanks especially to Boswell--his life.
In five carefully argued chapters, Gowland shows how Burton is bound to, though never straitened by, classical and contemporary medical commentary; how his work grows out of the European humanist tradition in all its political and theological complexity demonstrating, in the process, how Continental this vernacular masterpiece is; and how Burton responds to the changing political and religious dynamic of Stuart England, shifting and modifying his views as he adds to his neverending text--for Burton's copiousness, as Gowland reminds us, was a symptom of, and therapy for, his melancholy but as well a politically and theologically purposeful technique.
Anne Fogarty claims the structure of Irenius's discussion "breaks down under the impact of his straying arguments," until the narrative "threatens to be engulfed by its own copiousness.